The OCC gives back

Here was a chance for the OCC to give back to the community. Bill Peel was approached by Brennan Caverhill (The Turtle Guy – one of the speakers we had last year) to see how we can help out. Brennan is a teacher at Fleming College and as part of the course, the students are involved in photography. Bill took charge and arranged for Randy Nickerson, Norm & Helene Ullock and Bharat Mistry to put together a presentation on how images are judged and how to assess their own work. Fleming College operates some of their classrooms out of the ROM and we were lucky to be invited. Not many students say they go to school at the ROM!

We were greeted by a very enthusiastic and talented group of students who were eager to improve their art. The diversity of talent and interests was unbelievable.

After a short presentation by Norm, the five of us broke out into smaller groups to go over each students portfolio. The students were very appreciative of the feedback and we were honored for the opportunity.


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