2018-19 Comp 1 Winners

A big congratulations to the HM recipients and Category Winners from our first Competition.

You can view all the entries, scores, comments on the results page at: https://www.oshawacameraclub.ca/occmembers/competitions/competition-results/

Leif Petersen Nature Meadowhawk Winner Miller
Nancy Gale Nature  Australasian Gannet New Zealand Winner Dancey
Ron Warner Nature Snowy Egret Winner Dancey


Todd Murrison Pictorial Monotone Monoliths Winner Miller
Craig Bogden Pictorial Feeling Blue Winner Dancey
Bradley Taylor Pictorial Yachts at Dawn Winner Dancey
Nancy Gale Pictorial That Wanaka Tree, New Zealand Winner Dancey

Special Topic
Alex Robertson Special Topic Reflecting on the master Winner Miller
Kathy Rifkin Special Topic Reflection Within Winner Dancey




Special Topics for 2018-19 Season!

Here’s the early heads up on your Special Topics for the new season starting in September.

We haven’t assigned them to the Competitions yet, will soon as the new program gets finalized. But in the mean time, you have the summer season to shoot and get acquainted with the topics and build up your portfolio.

These images depict Reflections on physical surfaces such as glass, water, chrome, metal, tile, plastic, mirrors, etc.

Images created through post-processing techniques would also be acceptable  such as duplicated and flipped images or composited images.

The reflection itself must be and intrinsic part of the image and/or a strong component of the composition.

Examples of these images would be landscape scenes reflected on still water, urban glass faced buildings reflecting their surrounding, person face being reflected in a hand held mirror, still life objects being reflected on a shiny surface.

There is no restriction on subject matter.

A cityscape of with only a few lights reflecting on foreground water would be considered weak in category.

Metaphorical images of people reflecting on life are not part of this theme and are unacceptable . E.g. portraits of people thinking or looking pensive.

Selective Colour/Splash of Colour:
Image depicts a strong center of focus on the colour in contrast to the background.

Images can be altered in post by desaturating the background while enhancing the main subject in colour. Images can also be taken in camera such as colored subject standing in front of a monochrome background.

Examples of these images would be a fruit basket with just a red apple colorized while all the other elements are in black and white.

An example of a taken image would be a red umbrella standing out in a group of black umbrellas on a rainy day.

There is no restriction on subject matter.

Images in this category evoke a strong sense of mood or emotion to the viewer. The range of moods could be from peace, serenity, passion, anger, humour, etc.

Example of peace and serenity would be a landscape image with colourful sunrise over a misty lake.

An example of passion or anger would be a image of a street demonstration or a riot.

Creative abstract images that incite a mood based on colour, shape or texture are also acceptable.

There is no restriction on subject matter.

Wide Angle & Panoramic:
This is a combination theme. The purpose of this category is to show the versatility of wide angle photography through lenses choice or photography technique.

Images can be of any subject with utilizing the wide field of view characteristic and/or creative distortion of a wide angle lens. We are also looking at how the panoramic format enhances the grandeur of certain landscapes or certain subjects and compositions.

Allowable images for wide-angle photography include single images taken with a wide-angle lens of 35mm (Full frame equivalent) or less down to fisheye wide-angle lens.

Panoramic images made by stitching multiple images taken with any focal length are also allowed.

Image frame ratio can be of any proportion to suit the subject or composition, however, the cropped image must be within 1.5:1 up to 3:1 ratio of long edge to short edge. Format can be either horizontal or vertical panoramic.

There is no restriction on subject matter.