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We now have 125 members and this page leads to important resources that will greatly improve your experience in the club and caters to all skill levels. There are a variety of ways to participate.

The Annual Club Program will outline what will take place at each club meeting. Please review this schedule often as it may change. If you would like to see something particular included for the program such as a presentation or are interested in a particular speaker, contact Bill Peel, the Program & Education Director and make a suggestion.

The Competitions are open to all Club members. Please refer to the guidelines and Special Topics for each competition. All entries are submitted online. You will need a user name and a password. Contact Randy Nickerson, the Competitions Director, if you haven’t received yours or to reset it. You will be notified of other external competitions and their specific rules as they become available.

The Club will have a number of Social activities that are designed to bring members together in a variety of activities and not necessarily photographic related. Elizabeth Borysewicz, your Social Director will inform you of upcoming events.

The Club also has numerous photographic outings throughout the Southern Ontario region. These are usually day events. Some outings may require fees. Norm Ullock, the Outings Manager will post the outings as they are confirmed. You will have to pre-register for all outings as space may be limited. Details will be posted on the Social/Outings Page.

Working on a special project or have a series of interesting images? I request 12 images on a theme and a small write up on it.

Contact Bharat Mistry to become a Featured Member of the Month and showcase your art on this page.

Featured Member Series

OCC Member: Glenn Tindale

It’s always the “Dad” that gets the credit for generating the photography interest in his child and I fall into the same. My father would take a lot of pictures of places he visited and events he attended. Over the years we would pull out the albums from time to time and reminisce the moment. Today I do just that… Capturing the moment!

I shoot a lot of events and love the challenge it has to offer. From live bands to sporting events and everything in-between I do it all. The challenge in live events is to predict the moment before it happens and be ready for no two moments are the same. Every event is different; the photographer has to quickly decide on lighting, camera settings and composition within split seconds.

Along with events, my second love is portraits. Again capturing the sprit, mood and personality of an individual is the key. Familiarizing oneself with a model to me, is the most important fact as once the comfort level is attained, the rest flows easy.

See more of Glenn’s work on his website at Trident Enterprises.